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dc.contributor.authorGülyeşil, Furkan Fatih
dc.contributor.authorDoğan, Mustafa
dc.contributor.authorSabaner, Mehmet Can
dc.contributor.authorGobeka, Hamidu Hamisi
dc.contributor.authorKınar, Abdullah
dc.contributor.authorUlu, Şahin
dc.identifier.citationGülyeşil, F. F., Doğan, M., Sabaner, M. C., Gobeka, H. H., Kınar, A., & Ulu, Ş. (2023). Audiometric Evaluation of the Relationship between Sensorineural Hearing Loss and Chronic Glaucoma. Turkish Journal of Ophthalmology, 53(2), 105.en_US
dc.description.abstractObjectives: To assess hearing function in chronic glaucoma patients in comparison to healthy individuals. Materials and methods: This cross-sectional study included 24 primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) patients (24 ears) and 22 pseudoexfoliative glaucoma (PEG) patients (22 ears) who were followed for at least 5 years in the Afyonkarahisar Health Sciences University Ophthalmology Department, as well as 21 age- and gender-matched healthy individuals (21 ears, control group). Following a thorough ophthalmological examination that included visual acuity and intraocular pressure measurements, as well as anterior and posterior slit-lamp biomicroscopy, audiometry was performed in all participants to determine hearing function. Results: Mean ages in the POAG, PEG, and control groups were 64.50±7, 66.90±4.51, and 64.38±4.36 years, respectively. The mean deviation in standard automated perimetry was -14.47±2.89 in the POAG group and -15.02±2.87 in the PEG group (p=0.306). When compared with the control group, the POAG group had significantly higher hearing thresholds at 500 (p=0.011) and 1,000 Hz (p=0.003), while the PEG group had significantly higher hearing thresholds at 250 (p=0.009), 500 (p=0.009), 1,000 (p=0.001), 2,000 (p=0.005), 4,000 (p=0.001), 8000 (p=0.010), and 10,000 Hz (p=0.009). Conclusion: Both glaucoma and hearing loss are common chronic diseases that have an impact on the well-being of older people. Potential hearing problems in chronic glaucoma patients make routine ocular and otolaryngology examinations in older patients critical for prompt diagnosis and treatment.en_US
dc.publisherGalenos Yayınevien_US
dc.subjectPrimary Open-Angle Glaucomaen_US
dc.subjectPseudoexfoliative Glaucomaen_US
dc.subjectSensorineural Hearing Lossen_US
dc.subjectStandard Automated Perimetryen_US
dc.titleAudiometric evaluation of the relationship between sensorineural hearing loss and chronic glaucomaen_US
dc.departmentAFSÜ, Tıp Fakültesi, Cerrahi Tıp Bilimleri Bölümü, Göz Hastalıkları Ana Bilim Dalıen_US
dc.contributor.institutionauthorGülyeşil, Furkan Fatih
dc.contributor.institutionauthorDoğan, Mustafa
dc.contributor.institutionauthorSabaner, Mehmet Cem
dc.contributor.institutionauthorUlu, Şahin
dc.relation.journalTurkish journal of ophthalmologyen_US
dc.relation.publicationcategoryMakale - Uluslararası Hakemli Dergi - Kurum Öğretim Elemanıen_US

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